Thank you for your interest in our products for export purposes. En Vogue has been in the business of manufacturing handcrafted furniture pieces from indigenous and imported woods for over 35 years now. We have exported to countries such as the UAE, China, Saudi Arabia and the UK in addition to exporting furniture to expatriate clientele all over the world.

Our factory is based in Lahore and employs over 100 artisans. It is a fully integrated unit where furniture is made from start till finish. We only use the best quality timber and inputs to manufacture products as per international standards. However, there are a few points to keep in mind when importing from Pakistan. We purchase naturally aged/seasoned timber from our suppliers and we also further season these through both natural air drying and a kiln heat drying mechanism. Even then in certain countries with extreme weather conditions, the temperature changes may still cause the wood to expand and contract resulting in cracks or wood warping, Unfortunately, no manufacturer can guarantee against this when using a natural breathing material such as wood. We do offer a warranty on all our products but this is “return to manufacturer warranty” in which we undertake to make the necessary repairs. This may not be feasible for export items, hence products exported are at the importers’ own risk. We do, however, endeavour to work closely with the customer prior to export to minimize or eradicate these production problems. To our credit, till date we have exported to countries all over the world and our product defect rate is less than 1%. However, we still feel obliged to inform the customer about this potential problem before undertaking export orders.